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3DS Charging Port Repair

Our most popular Nintendo repair option. After time, the 3DS is known to get finicky when it comes to charging. 9 times out of 10, the charging port is needed to be replaced. Parts in stock and done in under and hour!

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We have all the latest Nintendo model parts in stock. The #1 spot for Nintendo repair in Waterloo! Our Experienced technicians are highly trained and qualified to perform a wide variety of Nintendo repairs. We only use high quality replacement parts and stand behind our work one hundred percent!

Supported Models:

Switch | Wii | Wii U | N64 | GameCube | SNES | NES | GameBoy | DS | 3DS | 3DS XL | DSi |

Hour Turnaround Time

Day Warranty


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Nintendo Repair Services:

Here are a few other Nintendo repair services we offer in Waterloo:

Joystick Replacement

Approx turnaround time:

<1 Hour

Battery/Power Issues

Approx turnaround time:

<2 Hour

Upper/Lower LCD

Approx turnaround time:

<2 Hour

Motherboard Repair

Approx turnaround time:

<3 Hour

Headphone Jack

Approx turnaround time:

<2 Hour

Optical Drive

Approx turnaround time:

<1 Hours


Approx turnaround time:

<2 Hours


Approx turnaround time:

<1 Hour

"Always a pleasant experience with WeFixit. Repaired my device within an hour. "

Rick F

"Took the time to explain in simple terms the anatomy of my iPhone. Fast and friendly service"

Michaela S.

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